5 Strange Yet Addictive Video Games


Video games are meant to be addictive right? Well not really but some developers just makes games too good and too addictive and thus players fall into the trap of endless hours into a game that you will never get tired of! Today we are counting down some really STRANGE yet addictive video games

Guitar Hero

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Replicating the playing of an actual guitar was no easy task, but Harmonix pulled it off with flying colors. – XGP Gaming
Besides the enormous song library, you get an incredibly fun controller that helps make you feel like you’re really rocking the Casbah to a sold-out audience. – GamePro
With simple yet addictive gameplay, a unique input device, above-average visuals for the genre, and a carefully crafted aural component, Guitar Hero’s hefty MSRP is the only obstacle in recommending this game straight out. – Gamer’s Hell


Image result for Stellaris

This ain’t your grandfather’s space strategy…

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