6 MMO regrets I have

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We all have regrets about many things in life, and for the most part, there’s nothing to be done about them (unless there is). What’s past is past, as they say, and it might seem silly to harbor any regrets whatsoever when it comes to video games.

But you know what? I have a few. Not a lot, but a few that I wish I could have gone back to correct, mostly so that I wouldn’t have missed out on a few things. When it comes to MMOs, here are six regrets that I still keep tucked inside.

1. Not really knowing about MMOs in the 1990s

Most of my (scant) gaming information in the 1990s came either from friends or the occasional issue of PC Gamer. And I honestly don’t recall if I ever saw anything mentioned about online gaming. It might have been there and I might have…

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