The Autumn gaming squeeze


I’m finding less time to game at the moment, weekends have been busy since returning from holiday, and my weeks are busier too with the start of the academic year. I do still have time for some Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire with my husband, and for the near future our small-group games have settled on Secret World Legends or Divinity Original Sin 2 to play with friends depending on if there’s three or four online.

DOS2: burn it with fire!

The real crunch time-wise is in my solo gaming. I’ve just not been finding the time for my usual desire to mix-up my MMO gaming to include some side games for my own interests. My Neverwinter run is winding down, I was playing the Tyranny of Dragons campaign almost every day over the summer, but I’ve completed all the easy to do segments. My Hunter Ranger is creeping…

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