The Dreaming Dark

DDO Outrage

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The Dreaming Dark, what with the endgame challenge that it lost, would’ve been a continuation of the ill-fated Path of Inspiration, but thankfully, some loot which will never, ever be obsolete keeps this pack on the edge of B-Tier.

Experience: 2/5

As with the Path of Inspiration, the experience here isn’t great, or even good. And as with the Path of Inspiration, I don’t think that this pack was intended to be run for experience when it first came out. Rather, it was intended to be run for loot and for the endgame challenge it presented; however, now that level 19-20 is no longer endgame, it’s stuck in the odd position of not offering a challenge while not offering any experience, even though it should now offer more of the latter. Just like with Path of Inspiration, the highest experience quest here offers less experience than some level…

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