10 Worst Video Games Released In 2017 (So Far)


In Real World 2017 is not a very great year as tons of unfortunate events took place that shocked the entire world BUT for video games, it was the golden year as amazing games like BOTW and HZD showed what they are capable of. Then again 2017 is not a perfect year for gaming either as it also packed up some of the worst games ever made. Today we are counting the worst games released in 2017

10. Double Dragon IV

Image result for double dragon 4

Even for those looking for a nostalgic trip through time, you are just much better off playing the original game and avoiding the mess that is Double Dragon IV. – Attack of the Fanboy
I am certainly not immune to the charms of 80s and 90s game design, but the NES version of Double Dragon wasn’t a great example for Double Dragon 4 to follow. It’s not just that…

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