The High Road of Shadows

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The High Road of Shadows… otherwise known as the retarded cousin of the King’s Forest. Sure, most players enjoyed King’s Forest–myself included–but arguably, we don’t need another wilderness area which is basically a carbon copy of King’s Forest and which can provide some of the very same loot as well. King’s Forest is bigger, faster, and stronger too, it’s the first member of the DK crew bigger, more varied, and more fun than The High Road, not to mention that it came first, so the High Road just felt lazy on Turbine’s part, especially when it came less than a year after.

Experience: 2/5

It feels like Turbine took the experience values of the Path of Inspiration, an older level 18 pack, and decided to balance the High Road’s experience around it. This was a mistake because the Path of Inspiration was intended to originally be an endgame pack…

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