The Druid’s Deep

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It’s very ironic how the only thing keeping Druid’s Deep out of F-Tier is something which has very little to do with the pack itself. The pack fails on nearly every level, and were it not for a factor which is entirely extrinsic to the pack itself, I would never recommend buying it, and even now, I’m hesitant to recommend this pack to anyone who doesn’t strictly play in the epic levels.

Experience: 1/5

As I stated in my Necro 2 review, it’s kind of sad how one quest at level 9 gives more experience than the entirety of this chain, which is level 17. It’s clear that Turbine spent no forethought or consideration into making these quests rewarding because in terms of both epic and heroic experience, none of them are worth running.

Well, I guess they are part of a few sagas, so there’s that. But…

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