DDO: puzzling a solution


Having played a good amount of Divinity Original Sin 2 recently, I have come across many instances where the group has been able to puzzle out a solution to a blockage to progress or a challenging fight through strategy and the application of items in our possession. This isn’t really about puzzles as in-game tests, but rather how you can take more than one approach to moving past an obstacle or defeating a tough opponent.

It’s a type of gameplay enabled very much by the RPG roots of D&D and similar games, in Divinity there are many different elemental-style effects and spells to consider when fighting enemies – some will have a greater effect, others a lesser or even inverted effect (e.g. poison healing undead opponents). The heritage of this is clear to see in D&D and is similarly well modelled in Dungeons & Dragons Online as well.

Beyond selecting…

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