Another crafting system


After playing DDO for the first time in over a year last weekend, I’ve just logged in to see what I could do with the random crafting mats that dropped from our foray into some harbour area dungeons.

This is all new, the Cannith Crafting process as it is called. Well in a word it’s complex. This isn’t a bad thing, there’s always a wiki to help out and actually the main process isn’t that complicated. There are restrictions on what items you can deconstruct to act as a base. This caused an immediate gotcha as I wanted a trinket for my monk so bought one super-cheap; only to find that I can’t use an item with a tan background.

Anyway, in the end I managed to split the necessary mind essences and then make my first item, a cloak of Inner Focus +1.

Due to the strict bonus stacking…

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