DDO and the longer term


Last night once again our trio stepped into Stormreach for some DDO fun. It’s a great game for what it is, a D&D-esque combat simulator.

Here we are having just vanquished the second wing of the Waterworks – the first big multipart dungeon you encounter as fledgling adventurers. I’m the monk with the obligatory basket hat who also happens to be the ‘tank’ in our trio. Of course at this level our Wizard’s summoned rat does a much better job than me….

For those that do not know the game combat is intense and very active. You have to position a lot as monsters do not run at the tank and stand still. Some dodge around you to attack from behind, others will flail around at all nearby targets, some even hop away constantly to open range for missile or spell attacks. If you stand still for long in DDO…

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