Chasing some gaming treasures for the Atari 8bit computers

The Late Night Session

Now that I’ve been spending more time playing games on my Atari 8bit machines I’m also keeping an eye out on potential bargains.

Game cartridges are what I keep an eye out for as many titles for the system were later released in that format for the XE series machines. Unfortunately they also seem to hold their value too (and then some)… especially boxed copies.

Cartridges are where it’s at.

So much to my surprise I found two games going cheap on eBay I couldn’t help myself. When they are more than a quarter the price of similar items you jump on them quickly. 🙂

The first of my finds is Accolade’s Hardball! from 1985 which as the title implies is a baseball game. Though it doesn’t have any license or player rosters to prop it up the game is a surprising attempt to get the feel of the game…

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