Four Demon Temple

Dyson's Dodecahedron

At the edge of the woods behind the manor house is the old family tomb with stairs leading down to the crypts below. Except the stoneworks beneath are evidently not a family crypt.

Four Demon Temple Four Demon Temple

What we find under the old tomb is a reliquary of objects and remains of those dedicated to various dark masters through the history of the family. In the four “corners” of the reliquary are statues of demonic creatures fierce and bizarre – each with descriptions of their names and alternate forms, how to contact them, and what they prefer as sacrifices and gifts. The one statue in the lower right of the map has had most of its names and summoning details destroyed – chiseled away in an aggressive and fast fashion with no effort to disguise the vandalism except that someone then cleaned up the debris leaving none on the stone floors.

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