Paladins as they should be …


One thing DDO has my favourite archetype of the Paladin class – the holy warrior. I ignore any min-maxers scoffing about them being second rate tanks or claiming they have suboptimal dps. I mean in their ability set and ‘feel’ as you play one in DDO dungeons.

This is best explained by comparing with Paladins in other games:

1) They can use bows
I was astounded how limited pre-Wrath paladins in WOW were at pulling. Body pulling (i.e. running at your opponent) was pretty much the only option you had. In DDO they can rightly use crossbows, bows and throwing hammers/daggers. Admittedly at later levels and in later updates WoW paladins got ‘holy prod’ and their shield throw as nice pull abilities but boy was it bad at lower level. I’m not saying a Paladin should pretend to be a ranged combat specialist, but if you want somethings attention shooting…

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