Pining for an MMO home

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There’s an apparent paradox of my current relationship with MMORPGs. There are just *so many* games to play that I could keep dabbling forever and not run out of new experiences to sample. Yet I’m also starting to feel starved for an MMO “home” to be at the center of my gaming life.

For me, at least, the notion of an MMO home is a title that fulfills these requirements:

  • Is still somewhat popular with active development happening
  • Gives me a rounded, robust MMO gaming experience with plenty of goals to pursue
  • Has me connected with a guild that is full of great friends and friendships
  • I can see playing for a lengthy stretch at a time

The full package, in other words. The whole enchilada.

In continuing to seek out the right balance in my gaming time, I am realizing that I need both that anchor of a…

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