Jump-scares and mirrors for Halloween


We’re at that time of year when everything is spooky and scary, well in MMO-land at least. The nights are quickly drawing in. The Halloween events have already started this week, as I found out logging into Everquest 2 to take some screenshots. That meant an immediate detour to find the latest quest for the 2017 edition of this event. Although I have no special connection to Halloween in general the quests in EQ2 are always good fun.

Exploring an abandoned, spooky mansion. What could go wrong?

Playing through this year’s Broken Mirrors quest,  started me thinking about mirrors in MMORPGs and their relative rarity. Reflective surfaces are often limited to just bodies of water – EQ2 has mirrors however (and so does DDO).

Mirror check, ambush, check?

A mirror featured rather heavily in a previous year’s quest also. They’re quite spooky in-game as I’m not used to seeing my…

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