The Story Behind Mutual Turk: The Viral Mutual Human Actuation VR Experience

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If you’ve been present online over the past view days, you may have come across the video below. Two VR users interact with one another through human actuation, the process of applying force and feedback in VR experiences through the use of another human user.  There’s a lot more than meets the eye, however. Introducing Mutual Human Actuation, the paper produced by the Mutual Turk researchers that gives a unique insight into the development of this human immersion engine.

Lung-Pan Chen, Sebastian Marwecki, and Patrick Baudisch have been experimenting with human actuation during their time at the Hasso Plattnew Institute in Germany. Human actuation is the use of human agents to enhance a virtual reality experience by providing force, haptics, and feedback to a VR user. The best demonstration of this concept comes from the group’s 2014 early experience with the process, the Haptic Turk.

As one user experiences a…

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