Who Controls the Night Revels?

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The Night Revels is a popular event in DDO.  It occurs during the Halloween Season and takes place entirely in Delera’s Graveyard.  The event consists of undead constantly rising up from the grave in the graveyard looking to create havoc and destruction.  The event then culminates in the completion of a set of quests that allow you to gather ingredients to turn in for various awards.  With this current season’s festivities going on, I began to wonder something.  Who controls this source of undead revolt?  See, the event prior to this, Mabar Endless Night Festival, one could argue that Eternity, the terrible spectral dragon, was the cause of that scenario but what about here?


Izmit battling in the minions of the Night Revels in Delera’s Graveyard.

Delera’s Graveyard is ripe for possibilities.  We have the necromancer Dreadlord Giddeon, the lich Validus, the necromancer Valak, and…

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