6 Massive Over-Hyped Video Games That Everybody Quickly Forgot About


Hype is the single most dangerous things for games and it can either destroy the whole game reputation or it can help the game to reach on to great levels. Video games like Half-Life 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5 were Over-hyped before the launch and fortunately enough they delivered more than that and this is why they succeed in a huge way. But if Marketing is done right and players get hyped up for the game but when it releases and it does not deliver what it was supposed then things can get pretty messy. Today we are counting down 6 Over-Hyped Video Games That Everybody Quickly Forgot About.

The Division


Taken out of the context of a tumultuous build-up and away from the weight of expectation, this game is a sheer triumph. It takes a simple third-person shooter and packs impressive RPG and multiplayer elements into the mix…

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