5 of my favorite MMORPG Halloween memories

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I find it dismaying how much I forget of years gone by but also thankful to records like blogs and pictures that help to retain and trigger some of those memories. So while I’m sure that I’ve forgotten many a great MMO Halloween event, here are six that stick out in my mind as some of my favorites.

1. Fighting the Headless Horseman in World of Warcraft

This is just such an iconic and fun event that’s been around for so, so long… and yet I love doing it pretty much every year. This spectral loudmouth spouts these ridiculous rhymes, taking us through a fight as familiar as riding a bike at this point. It’s all located right in the middle of Scarlet Monastery, which seems absolutely perfect for a Halloween throwdown, and I think part of the fun is desperately hoping that this time, this time will be the…

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