Climbing is fun!


Having spent the last post singing the praises of Guild Wars 2’s mounts, this post addresses another aspect of movement in MMORPGs: climbing. I’m not sure why but I love MMOs where you can actually climb things. It’s another movement option that’s more personal to your character.

How do I get up there!?

Since I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons Online, a game with no mounts or flying to negate vertical challenges, I’m really loving any opportunity to climb all as high as possible and rain death on my foes with my Artificer’s repeater crossbow.

Exploring the vault above a corridor in DDO

The game has mechanics that impact a character’s movement in certain circumstances, such as swimming proficiency and ability to jump. So that when you’re facing terrain obstacles like high walls, crevices or underwater passages, your character choices and equipment can make a difference.

Drowning is still a…

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