DDO: Kobold throwdown

Bio Break

Time for another trio of Dungeons and Dragons Online quests in the Harbor. Let me start out by saying that I think DDO kind of shoots itself in the foot with many of the Harbor quest settings. There are just too many generic warehouses and sewers with a uniformly blah color scheme, and this does the game a disservice. You think that DDO would want to front-load beautiful, exotic, and exciting settings, but nah, here’s another river of drab olive sludge to climb through. Good thing it’s still pretty fun.

I’m pretty sure that I do not play DDO in the proper way, because my Gnome keeps running-and-gunning like she’s in Quake or something. It’s remarkably relaxing and fun to do this, just pew pew pew all over the place and watch things die. My robot dog rarely gets to kill things, that’s how fast I’m slaughtering the population. Probably…

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