Games and ghosts: gaming urban legends

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That time of year when the ghosts of the dead are said to return to our world will shortly be upon us: Halloween. In celebration of All Hallows’ Eve tomorrow, I’ve been bravely exploring the darkest and most sinister corners or the internet to bring you eight video game urban legends that will keep you wide awake tonight. So put the controller down, turn the lights down low, pull the screen close and prepare to be spooked…


Berzerk is considered to be one of the greatest titles of the arcade-era and was one of the first games to use voice synthesis, an incredibly-expensive process back in 1980. It introduced the world to the demonic smiling face of Evil Otto, a bouncing villain who would chase the player down if they spent too much time lingering in a single panel of his maze.

It also holds the morbid honour…

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