Return of the Citi

Citi Plays DDO

A not long time ago, on a server not so far away…

Months ago, as summer began, I found myself disheartened with DDO. As I have done a few times before, I grew tired of the same old grind andtook a break. Unsure of the exact cause, many factors contributed. Whether it was the discontent over the new crafting system (haves vs have-nots), everyone wanting to play nothing but Reaper (and being completely inept at it), or just worn down over playing the game so long, I just didn’t seem to get any joy out of playing DDO anymore.

During my time away, I tried a few games in an attempt to fill the void left by no DDO, and some were quite fun, but things such as micro transactions really destroyed the experience overall. Many MMO’s bog down gameplay unless you either subscribe or spend a fortune buying all…

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