4 of my favorite MMO crafting experiences

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Crafting in MMORPGs simply is not something I do very often, for a variety of reasons. I feel it’s somewhat futile if I try to start long after a game launches, it usually ends up being a huge money sink, and the benefits rarely outweigh the effort and resources that it takes. Still, I like the *idea* of crafting an awful lot and can see why survival sims have been taking off over the past few years.

When I think of it, I’ve had four great crafting experiences across my MMORPG career. They are:

1. Fallen Earth

Since pretty much everything good in the game has to be made by hand, crafting is presented as a core gameplay feature rather than a side activity. I absolutely loved it, and the whole gathering/crafting loop fit in so well with the post-apocalyptic setting. The crafting queue (which ran whether you were online…

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