4 Best Real-Time Strategy Video Games You Should Buy In 2017


In Real-Time Strategy the game makes YOU the King of the whole game. RTS games put you in a role of a commander, King, CEO and then it’s up to you whether to make your empire massive or rich enough to buy everything in the game. You can conquer enemies or join them to forge an alliance. I am not a big fan of RTS games but I still play them a lot mainly because of freedom and today we are picking up the best RTS games you should in buy in 2017

1. Company Of Heroes

Image result for Company Of Heroes 2006

In Company of Heroes, destruction is a component of the game in a way that we haven’t seen since “X-Com” let us root out sectoids by bringing down entire farmhouses. – Yahoo!
Building upon the impressive Warhammer engine and tweaking it for historic warfare, Company of Heroes is easily the best strategy game…

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