Syp’s gaming goals for November 2017

Bio Break

October in review

  • Generally a really fun month of gaming in which I shifted my plans to an “anchor” format in which I would choose one main game (currently World of Warcraft) around which to dabble in plenty of side MMOs as desired.
  • I finished up that horrible Talath Úrui zone in LOTRO, spent a while scooting around the Haunted Burrow for Halloween, and then moved on to the Bloody Gore — the last zone of Mordor so far!
  • Transylvania is history in Secret World Legends, and I did a few of those Jack O’ Lantern raid fights to open up the gift pumpkins. Time to move on!
  • I logged into Star Trek Online every once in a while and started working on clearing out unfinished missions. Also, I kept re-running those Geordi LaForge missions for the bonus loot.
  • On iPad and iPhone, I mostly played Fallout Shelter…

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