Raids week 48

Micki's Delirium

Last Saturday (Oct 28) I logged on early, because I wanted to do some Night Revels farming before raids. Thaz was 24, so she wouldn’t be running the raids, but she is the best char I have for undead, so I was running her (I will be doing a separate blog about this). A few minutes to 9 pm (3 pm EST) I logged on Cerge for raids. This time it took about 30 min to fill, but getting int and str didn’t prove to be difficult, and there was enough interest in the run. Fire & ice was a bit easier this week, we didn’t have to kill them several times to get the timing down. I died twice though. The rest of the run was standard, the party kept together and no one got lost and had to be rescued. We got lucky with Sor’jek and he didn’t…

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