Microsoft’s Proposed Platform Pounce Is No Defeat

Musings of a Mario Minion

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft boss Phil Spencer emphasised the company’s plans to release first party exclusives on other consoles, namely PS4. With Microsoft’s troubled relationship with exclusives, at first glance this feels like an admission of desperation to get titles into the hands of consumers. Taking a look at their recent moves, however, suggests a very different story.

Phil Spencer MicrosoftConsole wars between PlayStation and Xbox have raged since the platforms both got their footing in the industry, so Microsoft’s supposed bridge building tactics over the past few months have fans on both sides scratching their heads. It started with cross-platform play, after Sony blocked Microsoft’s attempts to build a bridge between the two communities via shared Minecraft servers.

No matter how many lures Xbox set down, Sony still refuses to share a user-base with its competitor, and Microsoft’s efforts may have just hit peak.

Minecraft combat mod gameplay

According to…

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