Tower of the Blind Seer

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Along the surface run of the Darkling River (where some still call it the Sunset River) a blind seer is known to live and occasionally listen to guests and give them advice, inklings from the future, and occasionally send them into extreme peril.

Tower of the Blind Seer Tower of the Blind Seer

The blind seer is an ancient medusa who wears a blindfold of fine decorated silk to hide the horrible injury to her face that has taken her eyes. Now she sees through the eyes of her snakes, and through her magical powers that often fail to keep her visions in the present. She is helped around her small tower by a pair of identical twin fair elves who keep their heads bowed and move with unearthly silence through the area.

And some say there is another medusa, who still has her eyes, who trains with the seer and lives either in the…

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