Fury of the Emerald Hawk

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Someone summoned something furious and powerful within the “secret” headquarters of the Emerald Hawk Society. The building is now scorched ruins, the roof blown off the secret library, the grand hall torn open, and the front entrance reduced to rubble.

Fury of the Emerald Hawk Fury of the Emerald Hawk

The least clandestine of the secret societies in town, the Emerald Hawk Society’s headquarters and library was a heavy stone building that was once a “small” guard post for a much larger estate within the city walls. The society had converted it into an exclusive clubhouse with dark wood furnishings, displays of minor artifacts and other goods they have acquired over the years, and of course their “secret” library.

Last night though… something erupted out of that covert collection. Brilliant lights illuminated the neighbourhood as the arched stone roof of the library exploded into the night and something huge and powerful flew through the great hall…

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