Why MMO guild halls do nothing for me

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Here’s a weird thing: As much as I love player housing and will take just about every opportunity to gush about it, I’m far less enthusiastic about guild housing. As in, I almost don’t care about it at all. I even resent it when an MMO — such as Guild Wars 2, DDO, Guild Wars 1, or City of Heroes — decides to include group housing without an individual option as well. I guess many of us are like that when a game includes a feature we don’t want instead of one we do.

So why does guild housing (or halls or superbases) fail to spark my interest? It’s more of a subjective than objective thing with me. Objectively, I appreciate that the game has another option and can even acknowledge the positive benefits of providing a space for guilds to gather and work on group activities. I’ve seen some…

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