7 Phenomenal Video Games Like Overwatch


Overwatch is a MONSTER when it comes to competitive FPS games. Released only 2 years ago it is crazy to see how quickly the game has gained immense popularity and that is achieved by continued support from developers and strong feedback from players. But if you are getting bored with Overwatch but still enjoy that gameplay then you might wanna play these 7 amazing games.


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Loadout isn’t some new breed of free-to-play, but it does a very entertaining job of balancing what you can play with when you can pay. Being a low level isn’t painfully boring, and gaining experience or good weapons doesn’t require real money. – PlayStation LifeStyle
I had some fun free-to-play battles with Loadout, but far more time was spent mired in frustration or feeling under-fulfilled with a purchased campaign victory; it’s not quite “pay to win,” but it definitely is “pay to win with…

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