Let’s Talk About…: Endgame


We’re back with our “Let’s Talk About…” series! Check out the previous chats here.

Let’s Talk About…: The first game you ever beat

I actually remember the first few games I beat. The first was:

Image result for kirby's dreamland nes

I know I’ve talked about this before, but it really was such a thrill to beat this game by myself. True, we had all taken turns playing and my brother was the first to beat it, but I had my own playthrough that I managed to beat all on my own. And it was fabulous.

I loved the simple controls, and the high pitched note that Kirby could sustain forever as he tried to inhale his enemies. I would have dreams about the awful boss tree, and felt bad when he had a little tear come out of his eye as Kirby danced around in victory. I loved watching Kirby fly around, and…

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