Most played characters #IntPiPoMo2017


For my second International Picture Posting Month photo selection, I’m going to illustrate some of the characters in MMORPG I’ve played the most. I highlight here that favourite is not always the same as most played – I do try to play as much in group as possible with various friends and guilds; so while I may have certain favourite characters from an asthetic or mechanical perspective, I do also play other characters and classes to fit dungeon or other needs.

1) Cerian the Druid, World of Warcraft

My WoW main of old, dormant during two previous expansions, but back with a vengeance for Legion.

2) Ebrayn the Paladin, World of Warcraft

My healer character for dungeon runs in the Legion expansion and second most progressed/geared character in game.

3) Revenus the Templar, Elder Scrolls Online

My Templar tank that I played as part of a levelling trio over the…

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