5 Huge Space Exploration Video Games Where You Can Lose Yourself


So You wanted to experience how it feels in Space? Wanted to be an astronaut? Want to encounter different alien species in Space? Well, Worry not! A New technology called “Video Games” can help you immerse yourself in space by using only click. Alright, I tried my best sound like an infomercial guy. Let’s get this straight. You Love Space? If you do then you are gonna definitely enjoy these Space Games.


Image result for ELITE: DANGEROUS

If you read up on the planets for fun, enjoy movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Interstellar, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, or Moon, or find the idea of hauling cargo from system to system and maybe getting in the odd fight along the way appealing, there is very little ele out there like Elite Dangerous. I’m highly recommending it despite the tedium in its game play and the long periods of time you will spend just…

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