DDO: Turn on the Waterworks

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A tunnel full of blasting acid? Huh. Must be back in the Waterworks.

Ah the Waterworks… of all of my foggy memories of DDO of the past, this one remains one of the strongest. It’s not because I was particularly enamored of it, but because we ran it so many times with groups to get that sweet, sweet loot at the end. It used to be a rite of passage for lowbies and something groups would stumble over, but I think this has changed with time.

The Waterworks is a four quest chain series that’s tied together with the titular underground adventure zone. As it’s all sewers and ugly rooms and gobs of kobolds, it isn’t something that’s exactly a thrill-a-minute, but again, it’s all about that end reward for the chain. For me, this time around, I wanted to run through it in order to put a wrap on…

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