Dungeon delvings #IntPiPoMo2017


This is my fourth post in the IntPiPoMo series for November. Here I showcase dungeon delving as a common activity in MMORPGs.

1. World of Warcraft

We’ve run the Legion expansion dungeons a lot this year!

2. Star Wars the Old Republic

Athiss, one of my favourite levelling flashpoints in SWTOR

3. Everquest 2

Solo-grinding a dungeon in EQ2 to level a character.

4. Dungeons & Dragons Online

DDO has some really interesting mechanics in its dungeons.

5.  Rift

We had a lot of fun in Rift’s dungeons early this year.

6. Neverwinter

Memories of healing in Neverwinter dungeons

7. Secret World Legends

Our first dungeon foray in the revamped Secret World Legends

8. Elder Scrolls Online

An early dungeon experience in ESO

9. Lord of the Rings Online

Trying out some healing in the Great Barrow in LOTRO

10. Guild Wars 2

A memory of running a dungeon in…

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