Raids week 52

Micki's Delirium

I logged on at about 10 past 9 my time (3 pm EST) and of course, wrote in EEraids channel “LTS post up”. Hamster joined right away, but then we had to wait. Kv joined for int and Deviltoy had str, then we just needed more bodies. It took maybe half an hour before interest for the raid increased, but as the most of the joiners were melee, I turned them down. I believe I turned 3 people down who wanted to join on a pure melee class (barbarian, fighter, paladin) and one person I asked to switch, and they brought their cleric instead. The reason for this is that this raid is easiest run on ranged chars and casters. Too many melees and it’s going to be difficult and take a long time, especially the end fight.

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