5 Most Popular Games That Are Much DARKER Than They Seem


Every Game is designed with unique complexity and layers of different elements that make the game unique and fun. Most of the games have a lot going under the surface that only a few people can notice but sometimes developers can trick the whole audience into thinking how child-friendly the game is but, in reality, they are much DARKER.

We listed down some critically acclaimed games that are much DARKER than they seem.


Even three and a half years later, there hasn’t been a more complete, entertaining, lovingly wrought platformer made for the GameCube. – Games Radar
A masterpiece of superior game design, infinite gameplay variety, creativity, and life-and it’s got a water cannon…and a damn brilliant one at that. – GamePro
Although not quite the revolution in game play or visual aesthetics that “Super Mario 64” was in its heyday, Super Mario Sunshine still stands as…

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