Starter Gear and You

Citi Plays DDO

The New Player Guide to DDO First Level Gear

Every so often I think to myself “How did I ever make it off of the starter area in DDO without my current set of knowledge? The answer to this is easy: the game pretty much gave me what I needed to survive.

What I didn’t know then, I now have set deep in my brain. The DDO starter area is not just a good way to get from levels 1-4 on a new character, for new players it’s also an undeniable absolute necessity. Why? Simple, it is a great way to teach new players how to play.

Tool tips, Lingo, and easy quests made just for beginners, make the starter island of Korthos an ideal place for new players to start their adventure. Another a bullet point, and one I consider to be the most important, to consider is gear.

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