Syp’s gaming goals for December 2017

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November in review

  • Generally it was a good month of steady progress in several titles without much in the way of deviation or surprises.
  • In World of Warcraft, I did some time traveling adventures with Chromie on my high-level Death Knight, fiddled about with my Shaman in Legion, and mostly leveled my Undead Warlock to about 60.
  • Lord of the Rings Online didn’t get as much time from me this month, alas. I only logged in a few sessions, all in the Bloody Gore. I figure I should be done with that zone before too, too long unless the final fortress takes forever.
  • The breakout hit of the month was Dungeons and Dragons Online, which kept me captivated with all sorts of fun dungeon crawls. I did at least one dungeon a night, but often would stick around for more in the Marketplace.
  • I would say that I…

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