Reign of Madness

DDO Outrage

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Reign of Madness is a perfect sequel to Harbinger of Madness in just about every way. With so much of both packs being similar in terms of aesthetic, creativity, loot rating, and the relative amount of experience they each provide, it’s hard to choose between the two.

Experience: 3/5

Three flagging quests which must be completed in order to access a final quest, all of which are level 17.

While its prequel mostly featured average to above average experience across the table, here is more a tale of extremes. Acute Delirium and The Lord of Stone are pretty bad in terms of experience, but the Sane Asylum (not to be confused by that obscure 1988 metal album by Blind Illusion) comes very close to rivaling the Reaver’s Reach quests. This is because the Sane Asylum can be easily rushed in under five minutes, lending itself to easy…

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