8 Best And Biggest Games Released In November 2017


November was a great month for games. Let’s countdown 8 of the best you should play! From Small indies to massive AAA titles we got you covered.


Image result for SUPER LUCKY'S TALE

Super Lucky’s Tale on Xbox One doesn’t do anything new, but what it puts on the table, it does well. It is attractive for the little ones in the house, but also for adults who want to remember the good times of the 3D platforms. – SomosXbox
Super Lucky’s Tale is the first platformer on the Xbox One X that gives players an honest arcade experience with a fun protagonist, decent mechanics, and truly impressive 4K graphics. – Impulsegamer
Despite some dubious gameplay design (failed mini-games can’t be replayed without restarting the whole sub-level) and problems with the fixed-camera position sometimes obscuring jumps, Super Lucky’s Tale is a solid platformer. It honors the tried and true genre clichés and for…

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