The Path of Inspiration

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A similar story to Reaver’s Reach: the Path of Inspiration has lost a lot of its luster with time, since its two main purposes back when it was created were endgame challenge and loot. Now that it’s no longer a challenge and now that the loot is mostly outdated, this pack isn’t in a great place.

Experience: 2/5

When this pack was created, I don’t think that it was intended to be run for experience. The quests are all level 18 and strike me as more of the type which Turbine wanted people to run for the challenge and loot rather than the experience. The highest experience quest here, I Dream of Jeets, offers less experience than An Offering of Blood and The Enemy Within, both level 11 quests. Yikes.

Still, these packs are now easy to be run at level 20 with epic destinies, so they…

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