5 Outstanding Fighting Games That Everyone Should Play At Least Once   


Growing up in the 80s and 90s, most gamers played some form of the fighting game. Fighting games were the pinnacle of gaming for almost 2 decades and is almost all people played whenever they set foot in a video arcade during that time. Fighting games have done nothing but improve over time, giving us so many new classics and games that we respect with every fiber of our gamer being. So let’s pay homage to some of the greatest fighting games that were ever made.

Killer Instinct (2013)


It plays smoother, looks better than anything out there, and has a kick-ass soundtrack with a goofball announcer to boot. If you absolutely must recreate your childhood, then pick up the $40 pack, but most will be satisfied spending half that. –Hardcore Gamer
As strictly a fighting game, the long wait was worth it. Killer Instinct is everything I’d hoped…

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