DDO: Epic stories, vague loot

Bio Break

I’m starting to think that DDO is treating me like a very little child who is in constant danger of shooting myself in the foot and getting lost in a straight hallway.

Last week was absolutely tremendous for me in Dungeons and Dragons Online. I wasn’t merely logging on to do a single mission a night, but would often get sucked into doing multiple runs — especially when I got going with a few of the bigger story chains like the Sharn Syndicate, Shan-To-Kor, and my favorite, the Catacombs. I would often stick around to see how it all turned out, with that “just one more” voice urging me on.

This means that I’ve now gotten the Marketplace almost entirely wrapped up, with my Artificer sitting at level 7 for my efforts. My only complaint is that I have absolutely no idea how to pick loot rewards at the end…

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