Dyson's Dodecahedron

Griffinwatch got its name from stories that the hilltop where it sits was once home a nest of griffons. Once a watch fort on the border between elven and human lands, Griffinwatch became redundant as the wars pushed back the elven empire and when many fortresses were moved primarily underground to defend against dragon strikes and elvish sorcery. Lord Brannen of Korse was the founder of the structure, and his body is buried under one of the watch towers along the wall – supposedly with some of his goods including one of the three sapphire rings of Telleen.

I originally drew Griffinwatch as a ruined fortress after it was sacked in the pursuit of the three sapphire rings of Telleen and posted it to the blog in April of 2016. I’ve had multiple requests for a “non-ruined” version of the fortress map, so when Griffon showed up on the Mapvember…

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