DDO: The greatest show on Eberron

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When I play MMOs — or most video games, really — one of the biggest things that I chase and desire is story. I want a good tale. I want to witness, or better yet be involved with, a great story. It’s why I’ve always gushed about Secret World and its storytelling chops, and it’s why a memorable gaming session can be made in an instant when a good story appears. It’s also why Dungeons and Dragons Online is just amazing me this year, because it’s a chain of stories that seem to keep getting better the more I progress.

This past week I moved into House Phiarlan to quest, and during the course of seven days, I recruited a giant into a theater troupe, infiltrated a high society club, chased a rascal across the rooftops, and visited a devil-infested circus.

Yeah. I’m swimming in story. Oh, and I got…

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