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This last weekend I found more time than usual to game, and let whim take me to mix-up what I was playing. Often if I’m playing alone I’m happier to leave thoughts of progress and goals aside and to just play.

I played several shortish sessions of Everquest 2, running the repeatable quests for faction rep and doing anything extra to snag the daily login reward (e.g. gather 40 resources). I’ve read that the expansion looks to have a lot of interesting content, so I’m not in the mood to rush this – better to savour it and come back to it regularly than try to blitz through it.

In Dungeons & Dragons Online, I played two different characters on consecutive days. I played my new Bladeforged a chunk more, completing the first dungeon/quest. For a second session though I’d had the idea of swapping characters for a possibly-resurrected…

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