The six stages of open-world relationships

Later Levels

Following on from last week’s post, my rediscovered-addiction to The Elder Scrolls Online continues. I’ve managed to tear myself away for long enough to be able to get a few hours in with a couple of other games, but I’ve paid frequent visits to my High Elf in the land of Auridon to complete a quest or two each time.

During one such excursion, I was reminded of a post written by Luke at Hundstrasse back in September about open-world titles and the way he tackles them. This got me thinking about my own process and it suddenly dawned on me: it’s kind of like being in a relationship. A union which is passionate whirlwind full of exciting discoveries and tempestuous arguments, split into six distinct stages before its sad demise…

1: The infatuation stage

The first stage in a new relationship is filled with intense attraction and an…

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